Sealers & Cleaners

Rockstar products have been proudly manufactured and developed in Australia over the past 20 years.

Our high-performance penetrating sealers are backed by a 15 year warranty and our team of consultants are always available for technical advice.

Sealers Cleaners Speciality Strippers  Twister
Concrete Seal Miracle Cleaner Anti-Slip Solution Solvent Based Twister Detergent
Dense Stone Sealer Neutral  Cleaner Concrete Hardener Water Based Twister Pads
Natural Finish Stone Sealer Lift Off Contreat Creme    
Paver Seal Stone Clean Plus Anti-Graffiti Sealer    
Stone Shield Stone Creme Cleaner Stone Enhancer Sealer    
Green Star Sealer   Stone Pre Seal    
Porcelain Seal   Time Saver Pre Seal    
Bluestone Sealer   Water Based Epoxy    
    Supershine UHS Polish    


Rockstar has developed a range of sealing products that hinder the ingress of staining substances without altering the natural look of the surfaces.

The application of Rockstar Sealers to a permeable stone or tile surface changes its surface chemistry making it oleophobic (oil repellent) and hydrophobic (water repellent).

Rockstar utilises special chemistry based on fluorinated and siliconised acylic/siloxane oligomers to produce an invisible and durable surface barrier to most staining substances. The oil and water repellent barrier is bonded to the surface and allows the free passage of water vapour.