About Rockstar


Rockstar Sealing Systems is Australia's leading provider of cleaning and sealing solutions for all natural stone and unglazed surfaces. Rockstar operates as both a service provider and products distributor throughout Australia.

Rockstar Sealing Systems, through our Australia wide, highly trained authorised technicians, provides a range of specialist services to both residential and commercial clients including:


Rockstar Sealing Systems also manufactures Australia's largest range of high performance sealers and cleaning products for natural stone and all unglazed surfaces. Designed for the professional and formulated to suit Australia’s harsh conditions, Rockstar sealing systems are used extensively in shopping centres, apartment complexes, houses and anywhere unglazed surfaces need protection. Rockstar sealing products have been designed to provide long lasting protection to stone and concrete surfaces.

Rockstar products are formulated to exacting standards using proprietary technology. The protection products employ chemistries that are based on acrylic and silicone/flourocarbons. All cleaning products are biodegradable. Rockstar products have been proudly manufactured and developed in Australia over the past 20 years. Our high performance penetrating sealers are backed by a 15 year warranty and our team of consultants is always available for technical advice.